Selection of indoor and outdoor fire hydrants

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  Selection of indoor and outdoor fire hydrants

  Indoor and outdoor fire hydrant is an important fire-fighting facility, which can control combustibles and eliminate fire sources. It can also be directly connected to the hose to extinguish the fire. Therefore, the system is also an important fire fighting equipment.

  Selection of indoor and outdoor fire hydrants

  When the distance between the building and the municipal fire hydrant protection range is equal to or less than 150m, and the fire water consumption is not more than 15L / s, outdoor fire hydrant shall not be set.

  Outdoor fire hydrants shall be evenly arranged around some high buildings and shall not be concentrated on one side of the building.

  The outdoor fire hydrants of the parking lot shall be set along the periphery of the parking lot. The nearest row of vehicles shall not be less than 7m, and the gas station or depot shall not be less than 15m.

  For outdoor installation, it shall be set in a convenient place. The outdoor type is ground type. When using underground fire hydrants, there shall be obvious signs. The cold area adopts the underground type, and the ground condition can adopt the anti-collision type. Outdoor floor mounted hydrants shall be 150 mm or 100 mm in diameter and two 65 mm in diameter. Outdoor underground fire hydrant with diameter of 100 and 65mm respectively.

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