nstallation method of fire box

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  nstallation method of fire box

  Want to carry out the installation of fire box, which is particular. For example, after the completion of the indoor fire box water supply system, the fire hydrant test shall be carried out to test its use effect, but the fire can not be extinguished one by one. Three representative locations shall be selected: two from the first floor for the roof (water tank in the north of the roof and other indoor tests).

  Installation method of fire box

  When the construction unit completes, it often does not hang the hose on the pin of the fire box or the hose reel, but puts the hose reel on hand. The connecting pipe of the construction unit shall be reinstalled, otherwise the fire time will affect the use.

  The installation shall meet the following requirements:

  1. The bolts shall face outward and shall not be installed on the side of the door shaft for easy maintenance.

  2. The bolt is 1.1m away from the ground, meeting the requirements of the current fire design code.


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