Why do fire lighting lamps keep ringing

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  Why do fire lighting lamps keep ringing

  There is a reason why fire lighting sometimes rings all the time. The main power supply is disconnected for a long time, resulting in the battery power loss and an alarm sound. Therefore, the rechargeable battery should be used, but it can't be energized for a long time. You can try to turn off the power, let the battery run out, and then recharge it. When used correctly, it should be shut down regularly to extend battery life. It is recommended to cut off power once a month.

  Why do fire lighting lamps keep ringing

  Precautions are as follows:

  1. Accurately grasp all kinds of wiring methods to avoid blind wiring and failure to work.

  2. If emergency lighting is part of normal lighting, three wire controllable connection method shall be adopted.

  3. For multi-storey public buildings, in the absence of fire control, the fire lighting lamps in each part can be controlled by the local switch (single lamp single control or multi lamp control) or the three-wire connection mode of centralized control in the distribution box.

  The fire lighting lamps in use shall be checked regularly, and the circuit function of the battery shall be checked and discharged to extend the battery life through continuous switching test every period of time.


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