The application of fire lighting is of great significance

2020-05-27 04:51:41 187

  The application of fire lighting is of great significance

  For fire lighting fixtures, live lines are always connected and still connected in case of emergency. In case of emergency, the fire linkage signal drives the 24V intermediate relay to act (kJ closed), controls the AC contactor to act (km closed), and connects the emergency fire line for emergency lighting.


  The lighting activated due to the failure of normal lighting power supply is called emergency lighting. This is a very important safety facility in modern public buildings and industrial buildings. When there is a fire or other disaster in the building and the power supply is interrupted, it plays an important role in personnel evacuation, fire rescue work, continuous operation of important production and work, and necessary operation and disposal.

  In the actual construction project, the selection of fire-fighting lighting fixtures shall be determined according to the number of floors, scale, complexity, number of people staying and moving in the building, characteristics of production and use in the building, importance of fire risk degree, etc., and the appropriate products shall be selected after comprehensive consideration and comparison.


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