What is the necessary configuration of fire equipment

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  What is the necessary configuration of fire equipment

  According to the statistics of the fire department, after the fire, the survey of most families shows that many families do not have necessary fire equipment, which directly leads to the public emergency after the fire. What is the necessary configuration? Here is a brief introduction.

  According to the project structure, the construction site shall be equipped with sufficient fire-fighting facilities, such as fire water source, fire pool, fire sand, fire-fighting equipment, etc., and placed in a convenient place. The total height shall not be more than 1.5m, and the height shall not be less than 15cm. It should be placed in a ventilated and cool place.

  Fire fighting equipment shall be managed and maintained by special personnel, inspected once a month and replaced regularly. The validity of dry powder fire extinguisher is 5 years. The fire fighting equipment of high-rise building shall have schematic diagram and be hung in a conspicuous position on the construction site.

  If the area is less than 50, no more than 2 foam extinguishers are installed. No more than one fire extinguisher for every 50 square feet of increase. The fire extinguishing equipment can also be added and dispersed according to the fuel consumption.

  Through the above introduction, I believe you have more understanding of the necessary configuration of fire equipment. If necessary, please contact us!


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