The fire extinguisher consists of several parts

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  The fire extinguisher consists of several parts

  There are different kinds of fire extinguishers in application. For example, the dry powder fire extinguisher uses carbon dioxide or nitrogen as power to spray the dry powder into the bottle to extinguish the fire. Dry powder is a kind of dry and easy flowing fine solid powder, which is composed of base material, moisture-proof agent, flow promoter, anti caking agent and other additives that can extinguish fire.

  The acid-base type is composed of cylinder block, cylinder head, sulfuric acid bottle and nozzle. The cylinder contains sodium bicarbonate aqueous solution, and the sulfuric acid bottle contains concentrated sulfuric acid.

  The bottle mouth is sealed with a lead plug to prevent the concentrated sulfuric acid in the bottle from being diluted by water or mixed with the liquid medicine outside the bottle. The principle of this action is to use two chemicals to mix to produce chemical reaction and generate pressure to make the chemicals spray out, so as to put out the fire.

  The carbon dioxide type cylinder is made of alloy 100 steel by special processing, and its weight is reduced by half compared with carbon steel. The utility model has the characteristics of convenient operation, safety and reliability, money saving, light and beautiful.

  From the above introduction, it can be seen that the use of fire extinguishers in our life is still very large, so, in addition to understanding several classifications, we should learn how to use them correctly.


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