Don't do this to the sprinkler

2020-05-22 05:21:47 159

  Don't do this to the sprinkler

  Water spray head is a very important thing, it is easy to be ignored. At the beginning of the fire, it can effectively control the spread of the fire, thus greatly reducing the loss caused by the fire.

  As we all know, the early stage of a fire is a better time to put out the fire. But in fact, it is very difficult for firefighters to arrive at the scene at the beginning of the fire. The fire is changing rapidly. If there are no auxiliary fire fighting facilities such as spray and smoke, the fire often comes in the middle, which will greatly increase the difficulty of fire fighting and the loss of fire.

  If the clothes are hung on the water spray head, a fragile thermosensitive glass tube is accidentally touched, so that the automatic sprinkler can spray 360 ° violently without dead angle!

  So, for your own safety, don't touch it! Don't hang anything on it!

  Strictly speaking, paint and decorations are not allowed on the water spray head. But in the actual construction process, there will inevitably be some paint, lime powder and other adhesion. The adhesion surface is not very large, and there are not many polluted nozzles, which will not affect the normal use and acceptance.


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