Pressure reducing and stabilizing plug




  Purpose of pressure reducing indoor fire hydrant: it can effectively control the pressure and flow out of the door. When the pressure in the system exceeds 0.5MPa, the pressure reducing device in the hydrant can reduce the pressure of the water outlet to within 0.35 ± 0.05Mpa to ensure the safety of use

  Fire hydrant, also known as fire hydrant, is a common fixed fire-fighting facilities.

  The lower part of the hydrant is linked to a fire water supply pipe or foam mixture, and the other end can be connected with a fire hose and water gun.

  Common fire hydrants have kn50 and kn65 water outlet interfaces, and the working pressure is within 1.6Mpa.

  Indoor fire hydrants are generally installed in indoor fire boxes, while outdoor fire hydrants need to consider antifreeze, anti-collision and other issues.

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