Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher



  Fire extinguisher is a kind of movable and effective fire-fighting facilities. Generally, the fire extinguisher sprays the fire extinguishing agent through the internal pressure to achieve the fire extinguishing effect.

  Common fire extinguishers include water-based fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide (dry ice) fire extinguishers, heptafluoropropane fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguishers, etc. different fire extinguishers have different characteristics and uses, which can be purchased according to the needs.

  Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is also called dry ice fire extinguisher. It uses the asphyxiation of carbon dioxide and low temperature characteristics to put out the fire. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher can be used in common fires caused by various combustibles and has a wide range of uses. It should be noted that carbon dioxide will produce low temperature in the process of ejecting, so frostbite should be avoided during operation.



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